double mouthed vessel with handle, in Black Velvet Raku

This handbuild, coiled, double mouthed vessel has been fired using raku, meaning it will not be watertight and is decorative only.  The vessel is made out of black stoneware clay, and the finish is an ashy, matte purple-black color created when burning the final glaze application on.  It's approximately 11 inches tall and 19 inches wide at it's widest.  No electricity, and very few tools were used during the building of this object. For bisque firing the ceramics, kilns are electric and fired using solar panels.  the final firing was combustion in a can, using old newspapers and wood chips.  I do my best to find and reuse as many shipping materials as I can in my community to insure that your item arrives safely and with as little newly purchased plastic as possible.